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Private Aviation Consultancy Services In UAE

Are You Looking to:

  • Develop a general aviation infrastructure at your airport?
  • Set-up an AOC?
  • Resolve an issue with a service provider?
  • Select the very best flight crew?
  • Buy an aircraft?
  • Choose an aircraft management company?
  • Build or buy an FBO?
  • Reduce operational costs and increase charter sales/revenues?

No matter what your private or corporate aviation needs are, RightJet is a leading aviation consultancy
Company in UAE that has the professionalism and experience to assist.

Our Reputation

Rightjet has a pedigree in private aviation going back 35 years. Our CEO has worked for some of the biggest and best aviation companies and governments in the world. Mark Hardman, leads all our consultancy projects, thus ensuring you receive the very best expertise and advice all the time. So if you need the best honest advice, from straight talking industry professionals, do let us know.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We can say without doubt that no consultancy company has RightJet’s level of experience or unique expertise.
  2. RightJet has diverse geographical consultancy experience having provided expert advice and opinion in Mexico, Nigeria, UK, Iraq, Malaysia and the UAE.  
  3. Our references are second to none.
  4. We deliver on time every time. No excuses and no delays.
  5. We work WITH your team, not against them. There are no politics, no distractions, just straight forward easy to understand advice, that allows you to achieve your goals. 

Start your journey the right way!

  • United Arab Emirates Office 312A, Building W3,
    Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai
  • +971 4224 8800
  • enquiries@rightjet.com