Aircraft Sales

Aircraft Sale and Trade in UAE

Selling your aircraft has never been easier with rightjet. We specialise in gaining the best price in the shortest period of time. Our “no nonsense” approach to commission is simple. Further, our low fee is clearly documented in a simple two page Exclusive or Non Exclusive mandate. Plane and simple.

Ans: In a global market we need to look beyond a region. Further, the cheapest aircraft is not always the best value. A bit like a pair of shoes. Often there are hidden maintenance costs and due items that can make a cheap aircraft into the most expensive aircraft. This is where getting RightJets expert advice is absolutely key.
Ans: As someone once said “Horses for Courses’ ‘. Much depends on the clients requirements. There is no point having a 70M dollar aircraft that can’t land and take off at your local airport or an aircraft that can be maintained within 1000 KM. This is where expert advice from RightJet is priceless.
Ans: In 2021-2022 a Pre-owned “Heavy Jet” has increased in value by around 30%. But can still be had from around 6.5M USD.
Ans: KYC is key along with approved finance, if required.

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