RightJet's Environmental

RightJet is absolutely focused on protecting the environment and always looks to reduce the environmental impact of each and every trip.

Sustainable Solutions

Carbon offsets are available via Certified Carbon Credits.

Reduced Waste

Recyclable on-board products are requested as standard. (Operators are always asked to remove or minimize single-use plastics).

Constant Innovation

New fuel-efficient, low-emission aircraft. Modern aircraft are up to 30% more fuel-efficient than older variants.

Locally Sourced Produce

Our catering ingredients are sourced from local, organic farmers, where possible.

Optimal Location

Our head office’s location was specifically selected to reduce our carbon footprint.


We recycle almost every item we purchase for the business.

We minimize waste and maximize service.

RightJet is an environmentally-responsible company and includes carbon offset options with every flight. Further, as standard, we instruct our partner operators to remove all single-use plastics from their aircraft and use recyclable items, where possible. It is our belief that travelers want to fly on modern, fuel-efficient aircraft that respect the environment and provide environmentally-conscious transport solutions. It is with this in mind that we specialize in empty legs and point-to-point flights. This increases utilization, reduces aircraft positioning, and in turn reduced costs.

Mark Hardman.

CEO and Founder.

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