Empty Leg Flights

Private Jet Charter Flights - Empty Legs

Empty legs are positioning flights where the aircraft has already been partially or fully paid by another client, hence these can be heavily discounted.

Common myths busted…..

You can fly for free ….NO
You can fly for 5000 USD from Dubai to Europe….NO.

However, you can fly from around 30 – 60% of the normal price. This may seem like a big advantage. However, many empty flights are subject to the principle flight operating and if the principle flight cancels, your flight may cancel too.

RightJet will guide you transparently and efficiently. Empty legs only tend to work on one way flights with the client being flexible on dates and times.

One Way Flights are a different story and are fully guaranteed at a low price. Many select operators now offer one way pricing, rather than back to base.

Benefits of a Private Jet Empty Leg charter?

How To Book A Last Minute Empty Leg Private Jet Flight?

Please contact RightJet and we will look after you and ensure you have an amazing fully informed flight experience at the absolute lowest price.


Ans: Contact RightJet,. We then search over 2000 operators worldwide for the very best price and empty legs.

Ans: The cost of chartering an empty leg flight can cost from 5000 USD and up.

Ans: In theory anywhere in the world if you are flexible enough. An example would be an empty leg to Mongolia may only be an annual event. Whilst an empty leg from Nice to Paris in the summer is a near daily event.

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