Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance Private Jet, UAE & Middle East

Difficult situations need professional handling. If you need an air ambulance for a family member, colleague or friend, let RightJet handle it. With 35 years of experience you can rely on RightJet to deliver a professional service. When every second counts and lives are at stake call the Broker you can rely upon 24/7.

Safe & Fast Travel For Medical Emergencies

When you call RightJet you can expect an immediate reply 24/7. Medical emergencies are stressful RightJet will always work hard to keep these to a minimum with a fast and efficient service. When you call us you are in safe hands. RightJet only uses the finest specialised operators. Price is always a factor, but if you want the best and safest service, you only need to make one call.

Our Air Ambulance Service in UAE Includes

The standard service normally includes a Doctor, Nurse, ICU equipment. Patient pick up and drop off at the airport is normally provided by the hospitals. 1 or 2 relatives / friends can usually travel with the patient, however this is at the doctors / operators discretion. Additional charges may apply for medicines and consumable used inflight.

RightJet focuses on providing quality ambulance / medivac flights. We only use the best operators and we will not entertain cheap hybrid ambulance services, where lives are at stake. Given you want the best aircraft and best hospital for your loved ones, please call us 24/7.

RightJet is the only company we are aware of that advises their CEO of all ambulance flights and where the management of every flight is conducted at VP / CEO level. Why? This is what we would want in the unfortunate event of a family or medical emergency.

Why Use RightJet For Air Ambulance Service?

  1. 24/7 Service
  2. CEO / VP Supervision of every flight 
  3. We don’t risk lives with “cheap” hybrid services. We only use dedicated ambulance aircraft from professional operators. 
  4. We are reliable.
  5. We take the hassle away and carry the weight during these difficult times.

Medical Equipments in an Air Ambulance Includes

Usually included are a fully equipped ICU and Oxygen. Although, much depends on the client’s condition.


Ans: Yes. Exceptionally. But don’t be fooled by cheap hybrid aircraft. Where there is a doctor or nurse on board but little else.

Ans: Pricing is route dependent, but dedicated fully equipped ambulance flights are around 30 to 50% more expensive than regular private jets.

Ans: Normally a Doctors “Fit to Fly” letter is required, along with additional medical notes. Passports and Visas are required as normal. Unless special exemptions are gained.

Ans: Yes. 24/7 365 days a year.

Ans: Normally 1 or 2 passengers can travel with a patient on an air ambulance.

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