Know your Private Jet

RightJet is delighted to share with you a little insight into the world of private jet travel. Often over complicated, RightJet aims to keep things simple.

About Private Jet Membership

Jet membership is not something that RightJet offers. That said we can advise and get you the very best deal. The key is in understanding the client’s needs and the supplier’s small print. We take the hassle out of the whole process for a nominal fee.

How to Get the Best Price on a Luxury Private Jet

The secret is in choosing your Charter Brokers or Broker. If you fly frequently, we recommend negotiating a special fixed fee deal, that is totally transparent. RightJet offers exactly this model.

The Cost of Charter Flights

The cost of chartering an aircraft is dynamic and depends on multiple factors these include, but are not limited to:

Demand: Much like hotels or airlines, busy days or high demand attracts a premium.

Positioning: The amount of positioning the aircraft needs to do will drive the price.

Age of Aircraft: New Aircraft can attract a premium or be in limited supply, thus increased positioning.

Smoking / Wifi: These can restrict the supply and increase the cost due to increased positioning time.

RightJet are experts in negotiation and keeping costs down and service high.

Charter Flights vs. Commercial Flights

Check in minus 20-30 MinsCheck in minus 2-3 hours 
Private Terminal: Ease, Luxury and EfficiencyCommercial Terminal. Queues and Stress
Only you and your family / friends on board the aircraftYou and 300 strangers on board the aircraft
An instragram “Wow”An instagram “Ouch” 

Ans: Talk to the experts. RightJet will listen and advise with integrity.

Ans: It is recommended to give as much notice as possible.

Ans: Let us organise VIP transport for you to the Private Jet Terminal.

Ans: Yes. But prior notice is required. Just let us know if you would like a blanket with his / her name embroidered on board.

Ans: No. The operator has all the relevant insurances. But you still need standard travel and medical insurance.

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