The Right Aircraft At
The Right Price.

RightJet offers industry-leading services and expertise that saves you time and money.

How can we support you?

Aircraft Charter

Whatever your charter needs, RightJet’s experts are on call 24/7 to support you.

RightJet offers the finest bespoke aircraft charter services to UHNI’s Governments, the Sports and Media community, and Royal Families. Ambulance Flights, Group Booking and Specialist Cargo (including precious metals are also a speciality. When you need perfection at a price that is unbeatable in the market, we are only one call away.

Aircraft Sales

In a business where honest advice on buying and selling an aircraft is not guaranteed, talk to the professionals. RightJet fully understands the industry’s dynamics and will fully support you in your aircraft acquisition. We firmly believe in long-term relationships and will assist you in finding a cost-efficient aviation lawyer management company and the entry into service.

Our fee structure is transparent, and any discount is passed on to you. We operate on a “no win, no fee basis”.

Our Services

Charter Management

Our charter management offering is simple. Leave the aircraft on its existing AOC and maximize revenues through the RightJet sales team. If you are an aircraft owner or aviation manager and are unhappy with the charter hours being sold or the financial yields, please call us now. We will not only guarantee hours, but we will also share cancelation and change charges.


Need technical and commercial advice on buying an aircraft, building an FBO, creating General Aviation infrastructure, or winning an FBO Tender? Or if you need a partner company to charter or manage your aircraft efficiently.

Call RightJet. There is no independent company better in the business.

Management Supervision

This is a truly bespoke service that allows you to select many of the best international management companies and still have a local representative. We specialise in employing the crew in the UAE with visas and offering fully tailored Key Account Services.

Aircraft Leasing

RightJet has a long history in providing Dry Leases and ACMI’s (Aircraft Crew Maintenance and Insurance). If you need a corporate jet on a lease or a lease to purchase. We are ready to answer your query, contact us for some free advice.

Flying private with RightJet has never been easier or made more sense.

  • If you are looking for an unbeatable price on a quality private jet charter.
  • Or you need straight-talking, honest private aviation advice?
  • Need help managing or chartering your aircraft?
  • Need help managing Or you are interested in buying or selling a private jet.


The concept behind RightJet is to take the “hassle” out of flying privately by providing honest, straight-forward and well-founded professional advice.

Our vision is simple, deliver: “The Right Aircraft at the Right Price”.

Contact us 24/7.
We are at your service.

If you need a company where the CEO is on call to you 24/7 and a team that is professional, committed and focused and on call to you 365 days a year. Please contact us now. 

RightJet has a focus on HNWI’s and private family offices, where protecting assets and ensuring true VVIP experiences are daily practice. Further, we have extensive experience looking after A-List celebrities and sports teams. So, if you need flawless service at an exceptional price, just make one call.    

RightJet is also proud to be leading the way in providing environmentally responsible aviation solutions. Please refer to our dedicated page to learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

RightJet represents a true benchmark in terms of boutique professional private jet services and is committed to providing you the finest in bespoke and tailor-made private aviation.

Environmental Responsibility

RightJet is absolutely focused on protecting the environment and always looks to reduce the environmental impact of each and every trip.
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