Group Jet Booking

Group Air Charter in UAE

RightJet offers corporate travel and transportation of larger groups of passengers.

So, whether you are looking to transport 20 or 2000 passengers, contact RightJet, we are available 24/7.

We offer our clients many group private plane charter options from bizliners to airliners.

Large Group Air Charter in UAE

VIP Group Travel
Looking to charter an aircraft for a large group of friends or family? RightJet will provide you with all the options, so you can travel in style.
Wedding/Special Events
Weddings are RightJet’s speciality, so if you need to create something super special contact our specialist team.
Corporate travel is a key element of the private jet market, so if you need a meeting in the sky or to arrive at your destination on time, RightJet is there to support.
Sports team
Need to get your football or sports team to and from a venue on time and with no hassles, Contact RightJet for a quote. We wont be beaten on price or service.
Music tours can be exhausting. RightJet has the experience and knowledge to take the stress out of the tour by transporting the artist from a to b to c, in style and at the best price
Hosting a conference or special event? Need to get everyone to the event on time and for a great price? Contact RightJet

Benefits of Group Air Charter

Group Air Charter Prices in UAE

The main components of a group plane charter cost are:

These are ALL included in RightJet’s charter price.

Aircraft TypePassengers Approximate Hourly Rate
CRJ 20050-807,000 USD 
B737120-15010,000 USD 
Legacy 650136,500 USD
Boeing Business Jet or Airbus 319 ACJ19-5216,000 USD 

Available to Charter for Your Group Travel

Upto 20 Passengers

The Legacy makes for an ideal charter aircraft for a small group of musicians or a wedding party. Luxury in the sky.

Upto 80 Passengers

The CRJ 200 is an amazing regional aircraft for football teams and larger groups

Upto 150 Passengers

The B737 or A321 Neo will get your group to its destination on time and very cost efficiently

Luxury: up to 52 Passengers

The BBJ or ACJ319 is ideal for Heads of States / Stately Wedding / and UHNI’s

Why Choose RightJet for Group Air Charters in UAE?

RightJet has over 35 years experience in private aviation, thus ensuring you not only get the best aircraft in the market, but also the very best price. Our team, including our CEO, are there for you 24/7 to make sure every detail is taken care of every time. We care about you and we will always make every trip special. When you need a service that is crafted and rare, contact your RightJet Charter Team.

Call us now for a great personalised service and a quote.


Ans: Just one call to RightJet and the work is done. Just let us know all your requirements and within a few short hours we will have searched the market and found you the very best aircraft at the lowest price.

Ans: To exclusively charter an aircraft. Normally for business or leisure purposes. It is often associated with luxury travel, but can include normal aircraft, humanitarian and Ambulance Flights.

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